Golden Banana owner slips off this mortal coil

The Globe reports the death of Louis DiBella, who won a groundbreaking Supreme Judicial Court decision letting him hire women to dance naked in cages at his Peabody club - named for his other business selling bananas.



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    Every time I hear the name

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    Every time I hear the name Golden Banana I think gay strip joint. Missed a golden opportunity there.


    Back in the day they had male dancers one night a week. Don't know if the went the full monty.

    Love this

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    "During an uncommonly candid court hearing in January 1978, Garrity reviewed a recording of a Golden Banana stripper’s 1950s-style “Teen Angel” show and questioned her about the artistic need to remove her panties. She responded: “Well, your honor, it’s really strange. Guys can’t use their imagination. They don’t want to see the act if you don’t take it off.”"


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    1) Flags are at half-staff; sails are at half-mast.
    2) "Staff" is much funnier in this context regardless.