Good thing the Pru doesn't have any ornamental pools



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So many things wrong with what you've typed, starting with writing Dr.

goofy mall robo cop

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Not only that, but the dumb thing is in the way. Was at the Pru mall last night and it was smack dab in the middle of the corridor in front of the Microsoft store. The security guards were laughing at it. A lady went up to it and started pushing its buttons. It's a joke.

What's it gonna do?

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Good thing those robots are slow to anger.

What's it gonna do, take her picture? Scold her in a chip voice?

To be fair, if it's going to

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To be fair, if it's going to park somewhere, that's a great place. It's not like anyone would be trying to get in to a Microsoft store.

R2-D2's Great great great grandmother...

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I think they should have a naming contest for the Pru Robot. It also needs to beep and tweedle at people like R2-D2. Its just too impersonal and scary to kids as it is.

Also, it's a fraidy cat, it won't move if anyone is around it. The Pru does have a pool but it'd fall down the steps before it could get there.

The Sheraton?

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Anyway, I feel bad for the security bot in DC. He was 4 days away from retirement.

Unless it's

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Twiki, R2D2's multi-great Grand Father or Uncle.

robot drownings :)

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i don't know why national media isn't picking it up but this is not the first time a robot has been found "dead" in a pool of water with no rational explanation. does anyone know if this robot was male? if it had been drinking in any local establishments? does anyone else see what's happening here?


I think you just won the internet for today.

Hi Tech vs Low Tech

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I'll take the robot any day over the cardboard cop that use to patrol Alewife station?

This would

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Be a great replacement for at min half of our city council.

I saw that thing

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I saw that thing at the Pru a few weeks ago. I thought it was to polish the floors.


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..nothing is an "accident" or "suicide".

That robot was pushed.
Who and what did it know? Whose way was it in? Those are the questions

Smiley face

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There has been someone going around pushing college age male robots into water.