Gorilla my dreams in Allston

New mural in Allston shows gorilla

Ron Newman trekked over to Allston tonight to see the controversial new mural at Cambridge and Linden streets, only to find it's already been replaced by a new gorilla mural.



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    I live on Linden and I walk

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    I live on Linden and I walk to this bus stop every morning (granted, in pitch-black darkness) and I honestly didn't even notice the new mural (I did notice the group of taggers last Friday in broad daylight, though - glad that's gone now).

    Really feel like I missed the chance to be part of a big controversy!

    I understand complaints about the original mural (the positioning of the cat was definitely suggestive), but I'll admit that I liked the style and the changes made to it (even if they were just done to appease people). New one with the gorilla's in the same art style but it just looks kinda meh. Will take a closer look tomorrow.

    Am more interested that initial reports suggested this was the Mayor's crew, when it wasn't. Wish the 311 complainants wouldn't put the horse before the carriage and blame the city.

    Not possible

    After all SIX people all complained on 311 so it was clearly a majority opinion per anon Mark.

    Update: Didn't read the article on the Globe but their header said 5 people complained. I guess it makes sense that if it took 12 people to stop the Boston Olympics per our dear leader, 5-6 should be enough to stop a mural.

    Remind me

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    Where is the urban light-industrial area of Wellesley that already has a number of murals and is awash with old warehouses that offer a canvas for this sort of thing?

    Still sexist and misogynistic

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    Still sexist and misogynistic. Why does the artist need to imply the gorilla is female with that pink bow on its head? What is the artist trying to say about women here, how can our community accept that? And how about those phallic snakes in top right? That's OK too?


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    This is so much better than the initial mural... well done, artist!

    Hard to tell

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    Anyway, what was I here for? Ah! That's right:

    Replacing a black girl with a gorilla? Are we supposed to infer the two are interchangeable?! That's totally racist!1!one!eleven11!

    Thank you, I'll see myself out.

    I wish the artist was a

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    I wish the artist was a little less 15 year old horny toad when he did the first version. The woman seemed to exude power, he could have drawn it a lot less sexist while keeping the seductive nature in the back ground.