Greening up the neighborhoods

WBUR reports on East Boston teens working to increase the number of trees in their neighborhood - which has large swaths of tree-less barrenness.

The Charlestown Patriot-Bridge reports on the 40th anniversary of Gardens for Charlestown, which creates public gardens in that neighborhood.


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Need Trees planted on Porter

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Need Trees planted on Porter Street behind Walgreens, also more trees needed for the entire stretch of George Visconti Road in Eastie.

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This rocks

I'm so happy to see young folk taking such direct action to improve the community. I certainly noticed the lack of tree cover when I lived there, but never did anything about it.

Trees are amazingly good for cities. They provide shade, reduce heat especially on hot sunny days, clean the air, soak up massive amounts of stormwater. They also calm people, which reduces crime, and help sick people heal, just by being visible.

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Batting average

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I would seriously like to know what the Parks Department's success rate is for newly planted trees. They will tell you new trees are warranted for a year or two after planting, but trees are planted with little to no follow up care. Contractors planting trees used to install supports, aeration sleeves, tree boots full of water and a layer of mulch. Now a hole is dug, the tree thrown in and back filled with crappy sand/clay mix. I can show you at least 8-12 trees in my neighborhood that are dried out, dead and ready for the mulcher. I've lugged 5 gallon buckets of water try to save a couple from dying, but it really should be up to the landscape contractor to do their job.

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This is great to see. Trees

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This is great to see. Trees make such a difference in the look and feel of a neighborhood. Treeless streets look "gritty and urban" in a bad way.

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