Guilty guilt?

Wanted for Guilty theft

Boston Police report they're looking for this guy on charges he lifted three bottles of Guilty men's cologne (by Gucci, of course) from the Nordstrom Rack on Boylston Street in the Back Bay on Oct. 2.

If he looks familiar, contact detectives at 617-343-4683



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    I've seen him hanging out at

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    I've seen him hanging out at North Station on Canal Street with the methadone clinic regulars.


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    Shouldn't these bottles be in a locked cabinet or behind a counter?!

    It's Nordstom Rack

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    It's a little lower key that the big store, so no perfume or men's perfume counters. Not that it's a bad place, but it's the outlet version of Nordstrom.

    Non-violent, petty crime vs a major corp. Send out the APB.

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    Still illegal, still morally wrong for him to do this, but it seems a bit Orwellian to put the full power of the media to the masses to track down a shoplifter. Citizens! Help the authorities track down this wild outlaw before another retailer is separated from their wildly over-prices mercantile goods!

    You can relax a bit ...

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    When BPD wants to stir up the citizenry in righteous wrath, they use and their Twitter feed. They posted this on, which, while obviously a public site, is mainly used by police departments to share photos of people wanted for various things. To be honest, the key thing for me was that he's wanted for stealing something called "Guilty."

    Thank you Adam

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    For showing us that using media to track down and capture the lowest among us can be Fun!

    I'm always a little surprised when in 2017, I run into someone

    wearing cologne. I can't think of a single male colleague, friend, acquaintance or family member who wears scent anymore. There's the teenage Axe brigade, of course, but I have limited exposure to that age group.

    The only time I tend to notice scent on adults is on airplanes, where I find it obnoxious, but the culprit nine times out of ten is a middle-aged woman.


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    Perfume is totally obnoxious.

    For men? Never

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    But a subtle perfume aroma on a lady can be very nice.

    (Note that I said "subtle". Elevator-clearing dousing is never attractive.)

    You're Lucky

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    Going anon for this one since a bunch of my coworkers read this site. You're very lucky. I have a handful of male coworkers whose cologne is so strong you can't even enter a conference room after them without your eyes watering. And it lingers for 20-30 minutes.


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    Nope, Downtown Boston office building. I truly don't get it.

    if AXE is a young man thing ? What is this old spice thing in 20

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    Well DJ Jazzy J if u can't get down with the young people axe thing I can make it all sensible.This younger generation learned we n a lot of others like to smell and also nice n it's also nicer to smell someone who smells nice.If u looked next to where the axx is (NEAR SOAP FYI) There r hundreds of nice scents I agree too strong is too strong. But while flying to Chicago not long ago a older heavy woman leaned over n said I'm sorry I must put more perfume on that guy behind is smells like BODY ODOR !!!!!!