Gunfire just before dawn in Cambridge

Cambridge Police report several shots fired around 5:45 a.m. at Norfolk and Worcester streets. Nobody was hit.



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Gunshots in Cambridge

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Live two blocks away and shoot (legally and licensed) twice a week. Seven reports, sounded like a 9mm or a .380 semi. No sirens followed assume police ran quiet.

Two points...

1) Cambridge City Council spent days last year on renaming Colombus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. How did that work out for people within range this morning?

2) Maura Healey spends untold hours chasing headlines over meaningless AR bans. How about some equal time for illegal unlicensed handguns a few blocks from my house?

Just saying...

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That would be Assault Rifles

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They’re great for a big slobbering hesdline. But of all the illegal gun related fuckery reported at this site, I defy you to find one time they were used loke this.

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For the ignorant AR =

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For the ignorant AR = Armalite Rifle named after the original design company

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They do

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And CPD reports these shots were picked up by it. I didn't mention it in my short post, though.

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