Guy breaks into and vandalizes Old Ironsides

WFXT posts surveillance photos of the history desecrator.



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Why'd they let him go?

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The USS Constitution is a naval vessel in active service. From a legal perspective, this is no different than him illegally boarding the USS Theodore Roosevelt and vandalizing it.

I'm pretty mellow when it comes to crime and punishment, but you do not fuck with our US military. This dude needs to feel the sting of punishment methinks.


Let him go?

"The man was escorted off the ship and he ran away before he could be identified."

NCIS Boston?

The agents for Brendan Fraser and MC Hammer are awaiting calls any second now for this great new show idea.

The second episode might have a NKOTB crossover with Joey McIntyre playing "Sully" a guy who gets caught on tape stealing $15 from the Marine Barracks but he is also wanted in NYC for throwing a punch at a Bruins Rangers game at MSG, so Donnie has to come up from Gotham to work on his capture with our two tough, but all right Naval investigators.

Then the series ends because most of CBS's audience died of old age.



Perhaps they were busy protecting ships that might actually see combat again.

No Marines in the Navy Yard

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No Marines in the Navy Yard since 1974 (May 1st to be exact).

A sailor on duty found him and escorted him off the ship and the person then ran away.


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Since Old Ironsides is a commissioned warship under Federal Control wouldn't the Feds be in charge of the investigation and not the Boston Police? I know that the Boston Police will catch this clown but I'm sure the Feds have the power to make his life miserable with applicable maritime laws as opposed to the Boston Police who only have trespassing and other minor offenses to charge him with.



So the ship that you can't get onto without a valid ID and a security screening before you board can be easily broken into off hours???

Eye for an eye

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Since he broke a spindle on the ship. I think for punishment they should break HIS spindle.