Guy posing as ride-share driver picking up women, driving them to Milton and sexually attacking them

Milton Police report two incidents in the past three months of women getting into what they thought were legitimate for-hire cars outside clubs or bars in other, unspecified communities, only to be driven to Milton, "sexually accosted" and then dropped off nearby.

The operator of the vehicle is likely targeting females, traveling alone, who he believes may be intoxicated.




Ways to be more careful

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The ride apps list the car's license plate number and car type. Make sure they match with what you are getting into. They also list the driver's name. I always say their name as I get in ("Nikki, right?") just to make sure. They could easily say yes to whatever name the passenger says, so this is not foolproof. You could ask them, "Who are you picking up?" and if they don't say your name, don't get in.

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Driver's photo...

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I think both of the major ride-share apps require the driver to submit a photo, along with his or her name and license plate number.

One of the services has a neon sign for the driver to put up on the dashboard, but the other one only has a window-cling sticker that looks fairly easy to counterfeit.

Even though I know enough to match the driver's photo and license plate number, I still heave a sigh of relief when the luck of the draw gives me a female driver. Not that that would make me totally safe, but there are fewer reported incidents of female drivers attacking passengers.

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