Hanover Street restaurant throwing in the towel

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Maurizio's on Hanover Street plans to serve its last meals ever on Christmas Eve.



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Oh, no!

Will this lead to an eventual shortage of places where you can get the best Italian food cooked by all Latino manned kitchens anywhere??!! Salud! Mangia!


Oh, yes...

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Because the kitchens of most restaurants that cook ethnic food are manned by natives of that country.

No, really?

I hadn't noticed that on my last visit to Mario Battali's Eataly. Maybe you've been? Overpriced Italian peasant dishes marketed to rich people cooked by underpaid Latinos? No? You should try it. I mean, talk about capturing the flavor of Italy!



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like that would ever happen in Italy. There, the food is cooked by underpaid Africans.

I'm not sure what your point is

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Other than just being generally angry and miserable. That "real" italians aren't cooking in all the restaurants in the North End? That not everyone making sushi is from Japan? That Latinos have mastered the art of cooking cuisines other than that of their home country?