Hardy Bostonians don't just hunker down in a snowstorm

Walking dog on Commonwealth Avenue Mall in the Back Bay

Tamas K-L wasn't the only one out on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall today.

Michele B watched an intrepid kid ski down New Haven Street in West Roxbury:

Mark Smith and this dog walker took brief refuge under the Needham Line bridge over South Street in Roslindale:

Walking near the Arnold Arboretum



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Life Goes On

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I don't know where this mythology comes from that people have to "hunker down" or "shelter in place" every time snow falls. It's a relatively recent thing. Granted, this is a sizable amount, but it's by no means a devastating amount of snow by a long shot and nothing a city should come to a standstill over. Life goes on. People have to work, walk dogs, yes even do errands. The world still wags.

'Hardy' is the qualifier


adjective: hardy; comparative adjective: hardier; superlative adjective: hardiest
robust; capable of enduring difficult conditions.

We are...

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Boston Strong!!!

"Oh the irony!" Rube-Ville-USA!

Marky Marks brother is writing a film loosely based on this debilitating storm on this veritable world class metropolis cause he needs to tell it before someone....eh fuck it.

snow blowah:

get yah fuckin cah outta my spaht

a donny wahlberg joint





donny wahlberg will return IN Snow Blowah II: hows yah mothah

howz yore mothah?

Donnie's character is getting sensitive on Blue Bloods, fuckin New Yorkers.

His lovely wife co-hosted New Year's rocking eve. She covered the crowd in NY. When they cut to her at 11:50PM they asked her what she hoped for in the new year. She said she hoped perms came back in style.

The Wahlbergs are growing on me. I just wish Mark would stop disrespecting Hollywood actors as know-nothings who should keep their mouths just. But they are growing on me and its not just the aggressive PR they knew was necessary to release the Marathon bombing movie. I'm not eager to see it but I'm sure I will someday.

The movie has a new ad in which you can hear Mark's character say, "We have to catch these guys." I don't know who wrote the dialogue, I think some of the writers work at CBS.

From Dirk Diggler, a classic, to I heart Huckabees to The Fighter, not bad.

Snow or no snow

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that labradoodle has to do his business somewhere. Most people would prefer it not be in the house.

I walked to the store

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I walked to the store dragging my kid in the sled... it was a great time and there wasn't anyone in the store! (and no bread, but we were buying some missing dinner items).

In most nordic countries this is called a normal day.