Harvard club returns to He-Man Woman Hater ways

The Crimson reports a club that had let some women in as "provisional" members has kicked them all out, so the boys can once again eat dinner in peace without having to worry about the female gaze.



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    They're having issues coming

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    They're having issues coming out of the closet. It's a private men's closet club. Come on guys, in this day and age it's ok. This isn't Fire Island in the 70s.

    don't let facts get in the way of your rant, Adam.

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    "Efforts to fully integrate women as members of the Fox Club have repeatedly stalled. In August 2016, a resolution to alter the club’s by-laws to allow female members narrowly failed to garner the two-thirds majority it needed to pass."

    Hear that? Nearly 2/3rds of the membership supported allowing women in.

    Also, I like how you skipped over the fact that there are FIVE women-only finals clubs (versus four men-only).

    Wow. An anon to the rescue

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    Thanks for setting us straight Anon (Not Verified). Your fingers must be aching from all the furious typing it took to correct the record, you've really put Adam in his place. Congrats.

    Why does anyone care

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    Whether some club at Harvard allows women or not has absolutely no bearing on my life or almost anyone else's.

    Likewise, who cares if this Fox Club wants to be all-male. Aren't there many many other, better clubs one can join, regardless of sex? Is there some special benefit of being part of this club?


    The clubs don't affect my life directly and I don't care too much one way or another. But it's an interesting story. Many of the kids that go through these clubs will end up being judges and executives later in life. (Not everyone, of course.) Harvard itself is known (hypocritically) as being a socially progressive place.

    The reasons these clubs give for being single gender is the crux. They claim the opposite sex is distracting or that it's for the woman's protection against rape. Pretty damning excuses. If these people can't deal with the opposite sex while in college, how are they ever going to deal with these people when they inevitably rise to a position of authority later in life?

    The myth of men

    The idea is that these men are hanging out together and so they give each other the high paying jobs.

    The No-Fox Club is not Harvard

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    By and large, Harvard is a socially progressive place. These clubs represent only a reactionary minority of the Harvard community.

    That said, I have very mixed feelings about the inquisition the College appears to be preparing against this reactionary minority. Harvard students are legally adults, after all, and have the right to choose freely their friends and associates.

    Yes, there are better "clubs"

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    One of them is the Harvard Radio Broadcasting Company, Incorporated, an organization I've been associated with for more than four decades. It owns and operates WHRB 95.3 FM.

    Place is a joke... It's where

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    Place is a joke... It's where the political hacks and has beens of Massachusetts politics past still go to pretend they continue to run this state.

    Why do you care?

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    It's a private club. I personally could care not one iota if there are similar all female private clubs or all transgender private clubs.

    Spend som time in Asia. Take Japan: Clubs, night clubs no less, openly an legally deny entry to any demographic they want ro deny entry: non-Japanese Asians, blacks, whites, American military personnel, you name.

    Let them have their all male club. If blacks, mixed race, Asians, Hispanics, Jewish people of eastern European background, Atheists, extremely good looking and tall gay men, if they all want to have private clubs and deny entry to, say, people less attractive and tall as them, so be it.

    I personally would not belong to clubs that would discriminate against someone because of their so called race, ethnicity, sexual orientation ( excluding known pedos), religion or non-religion, etc., but gender based private clubs in especially college settings don't bother me.

    And he said....

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    "I would not want to belong to any club that would have me as a member." -- Groucho Marx.