Harvard Yard has a dorm named Hurlbut

Sully and Denise return to the airwaves, even if just for one performance. With shoutouts to the Burlington Mall and, of course, Nohmah.



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Funny how

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You can generalize one population and ethnicity without any repercussions. Can't wait to see next weeks episode at Howard!


You got your insecurities messed up

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It's more of a class thing than an ethnic thing. Small consolation for the easily insulted, I know, but at least Dratch is from around here (Lexington, so she'd probably be a lot more familiar with the Burlington Mall than a lot of people).

And, yeah, a Howard thing probably would be a Bad Thing on a show infamous for never hiring more than one or two blacks, if that many, in a season. But on Chappelle's Show or Key and Peele (if they were still on)? Try to figure out why that might be.



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probably getting very hard for white comics to find white people to make fun of. Various flavors of townies and rednecks are all that's left.

Adam, it is humorous that you

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Adam, it is humorous that you call someone thin skinned while writing that bitchy response.



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How old are you, your maturity is oozing through the screen!

I'm guessing you can control

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I'm guessing you can control the amount of thumbs up you get with your admin rights.

Lighten up, Clarence

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SNL has, for decades, mocked different peoples from different places. If you knew about the history of the skit, you'd know that Burlington's Amy Poehler invented the characters at Second City.

Geez, some needs to get a sense of humor. I'm as Boston Irish as the next Sully, and I think it's awesome.


slight correction

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Boston-centric sketches.

Massachusetts-suburbia-centric sketches.

There are very few people in Boston that act/talk like that now.

Go Senators!

Sens suck

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They play out on farmland on the edge of the Ottawa metro area. They exist so the Maple Leaf, Canadien, and yes Bruin fans can watch NHL hockey without having to travel far.

And yes, I have been to Canadian Tire Centre to see a game.

"Sens suck" - right. they

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"Sens suck" - right. they just took a 2-1 lead on the Bruins.

"They play out on farmland..." - so they have something in common with Bruins fans since many bruins fans are from cow hampshire.

Go Sens!! Oh, and the Bulls! Funny how the celtics had the #1 seed and lost in game 1 AT HOME!!!

time for the bruins and celtics to call up Brady for advice on cheating.

Quick quiz

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When's the last time the Sens won the Stanley Cup?

Or played in the Cup final?

Or the conference final?

Yeah, the Sens suck. That they're beating the Bruins doesn't change this.

But what do I know? I'm an Avalanche fan.


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No, I think they were from out Athol way.


... if you CANn see Stoughton and Hollis, you CAN'T possibly see Hurlbut.


Stoughton and Hollis are in the "Old Yard" (underneath the Science Center on the map). Hurlbut is outside Harvard Yard proper -- to the right of Barker Center on the map (around the intersection of Harvard and Prescott streets)