Hawk doing its job in Davis Square

About 7:45 this morning, right outside the Davis Square T station:




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Doesn't look too happy.

MBTA Minister of Propaganda responds

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There is no evidence of rats and mice at Davis Station. The photo above depicts two furry friends engaged in a playful moment while waiting for the bus to take them to Cambridge.

That belongs

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in the Urban Bird Portrait Hall of Fame. It looks like a photographic version of something by a 21st-century John James Audubon. Magnificent.

Heh, thanks.

Lucky situation — I was walking with my kids to school and happened to have my camera out, and there were a couple of people with phone cameras out in the midst of everyone going past to the station. Drew my attention, and the kids almost ended up late to school. :)

do you do house calls?

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I wonder if the hawk is available for hire. I could use him at my house to keep the rodent population out. Good boy (or girl)!!!!

Hawks are cool

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I was once walking on Cambridge St. when a hawk swooped down between me and a man who was walking towards me, plucked a critter out of a bush, and perched on a street light to enjoy her snack. The guy and I couldn't help but stop to watch and talk about how impressive the hawk was - it was a great shared moment with a stranger.

Hawk Sighting

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Once I was waiting for a shuttle near the Cambridgeside Galleria and saw a hawk swoop down and pluck a mouse out of a snowbank with amazing precision. The hawk was an impressive looking bird but also dangerous looking. The talons and beak reminded me of razors.