Heads roll at the Globe when the presses don't

Dan Kennedy has the latest on the Globe's printing problems, which is not much, except that at least one top honcho is now an ex honcho due to the issues, whatever they are, and that a second might be in that state as well.



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    necesitamos un salvador...

    Ponga a Linda Pizzutti a cargo ... ella arreglar√° todo!


    Put the brilliant, educated, erudite and enlightened Ms. John Henry in charge and
    she will fix all the problems of the Globe and the Herald and motivate Liverpool into
    the Champions league of the mundo!

    I keep on asking this question

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    From 1872 to 2017, barring strikes or natural disaster, the Globe was able to put out at least on edition a day. They have on staff people who have set type (or whatever they do now) and print newspapers. They are theoretically using new equipment. Why can't they get the job done?

    Oh god

    He'll be on here in no time now - and - we will hear about the chic from Manila - thousands cancelling the Globe and whatever ever else leaks out of his brain (and I use that word guardedly)

    Since when does something

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    Since when does something being stupid and potentially illegal stop the AG's office from doing it?

    Going back to Luther Harshbarger the policy of the AG's office has been to get away with as much as you can and only walk it back a little after years of litigation and a judge's wrist slap or a stern phone call from the Speaker of the House.

    Hey Brian get your head out of ya ace.

    The Herald, yes the Herald, the paper you can't print, is covering a story your paper ignores. An off and on Herald contributor and lousy GOP political consultant is caught with her hand in a Saudi cookie jar on the Anniversary of 9/11. Crickets.

    Why worry about printing when you have no news?