Herald reporters stop posting to Twitter after one is suspended for tweeting news without permission

Boston Magazine reports Herald reporter Chris Villani was suspended three days without pay for tweeting something he'd found out during the Aaron Hernandez trial without an editor's permission; in response, other Herald reporters have just stopped posting anything on the network.




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    Agree with the Herald on this one. Lord help me!

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    The reporter is employed by the paper and he needs to following their editorial policies. By no scope of the imagination was there a public requirement for this to be urgent "breaking news" (something I wish several other outlets had also been aware of at the time!); if his editor wanted a chance to vet the "anonymously sourced" info first, that was the editor's call. That's why news outlets have editors.

    If this reporter wants to be able to get the jump on every tidbit of celebrity-related gossip without any level of editorial interference, perhaps TMZ is more his style.

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    Agreed ...

    Follow dem rules. If you don't like them, don't work there. Maybe the other reporters' complaints were more about the punishment than the crime.

    Back when I blogged, I'd get emails with "news". Zillow used to send emails saying, "John, here's a press release. Please embargo until tomorrow at 8 am."

    Like "Home sales up 2% in West!" was gonna shock my readers.

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    Also agree

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    The idea that a good journalist/reporter is "breaking" news is nuts. I'd rather you be the last to report, but provide a thorough, in-depth article vs. being the first person to tweet (and as we've seen, then be proven to be incorrect).

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    Why tweet

    Kinds defeats the point of twitter, which relies on timeliness.

    If every tweet needs review, then have one twitter account and the editor has control and their job is now to tweet.

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    Now if only

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    Every other MAJOR "NEWS" agency fallowed suit, as the medium is changing and you have a plethora of mis-information being disseminated in an effort to be first.

    You too Adam!

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    can you provide an instance where this has happened here please

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    He jumps to get GE what it wants; pushes back at Boston Schools

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    He jumps to get GE what it wants; pushes back at Boston Schools and yes, he ignored parent protest at his state of the city and discredited student walkout on March 17, which is a really shitty thing to do.

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