Here's a job you probably don't see advertised too often these days

Asbestos applicator job posting from 1963

Brad Nailer was doing some work on a house in West Roxbury and came across some copies of the Globe and Herald from 1963.

Back then, help-wanted ads were segregated into two main categories: Male and Female:

Old Globe help-wanted ads
Old Globe help-wanted ads

One thing hasn't changed, though: The IHOP on Soldiers Field Road is still hiring.

Old Globe help-wanted ads



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In regards to IHOP...

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Who on UHub remembers their Young People's Plate and the free one they gave you on your birthday as a child? :)


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Is the non gendered title

Seems like a step up

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from my current job as mercury-taster. I bet there's a real future in this asbestos stuff... it's a miracle insulator!