Hilton's Tent City to fold up near North Station and put down stakes in Central Square

Cambridge Day reports on the outdoor store's impending move.



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That was never an optimal location

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I love the place, but I always forgot that it was even there. And it's not someplace that very many potential shoppers would randomly pass. I think it makes sense to have a store 1/4th the size in a neighborhood that has a lot more visibility and traffic.

Wow, I am (pleasantly)

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Wow, I am (pleasantly) surprised that this business can stay alive and afford to move to an other expensive location in these days and age. This is one of the most unique independent business remaining in Boston. I will miss the fun hike to the store's 4th floor "campground" though. Long life to Hilton Tent City!

A bygone era

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Over on Comm Ave near Packard's corner was once a trifecta of outdoors stores in REI, City Sports, and Eastern Mountain. First REI moved, then more recently City Sports went out of business. And just this week I noticed EMS is going away too.

REI was on Comm. Ave?

are you sure you are not thinking of Ski Market, which later was renamed East Coast Alpine?

I am surprised that EMS is closing the mother ship on Comm. Ave. while leaving other stores open elsewhere.

Nope REI

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REI used to be in the building across from EMS that is now a HMO office, moved a few years ago [or more?].
But I did forget to mention Ski Market too.

That's the one

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Wilderness House???

That's the one, and they were pretty legit. Alas...

Plus another. Bob's?

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There was another local store in that stretch. Something like "Bob's Outdoors?"


EMS, City Sports, Bob's Wilderness House, all now or soon to be gone. I remember having to cross the tracks through a cut in the fence to get to the other side.

REI in Landmark is one of their smallest stores in the country. I am surprised they have not taken over the larger Best Buy space.

I don't think there was ever a REI there

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I don't think there was ever an REI there. City Sports was never an outdoor store, and EMS hasn't really been one for at least fifteen years. There is a nice big REI at the Landmark Center, with the bonus that they actually carry real outdoor gear, not just outdoor-looking fashion, and their staff seem to know what they're talking about.

EMS hasn't really been one

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EMS hasn't really been one for at least fifteen years

Since I bought crampons and mountaineering snowshoes at the EMS in Packard's back in December, I'm not sure how they aren't an outdoors store. Their store brand outdoor clothing is as good or better than the name brand stuff at a fraction of the price. They also seemed to have certain local things that REI did not stock such as the Maine-made Good To-Go backpacking meals.

I will certainly miss the neighborhood EMS.

Breaking news... quirky indy

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Breaking news... quirky indy business displaces longtime bank space in busy Cambridge square!!


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Wow, I hadn't heard that EMS was closing. I bought my current bike there. Great bike service techs!

Here's what it says on their website:

After many years in the community, this location will be closing. Effective on Friday, April 14th, all sales at this location are final.