The horsey set in old Boston

Scene in old Boston with horses and trolley tracks

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this scene. See it larger.



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    Well Done, Quick Draw McGraw!

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    And that electric streetcar is very likely hauling a horsecar trailer. Electric Route 902 ran from Allston Depot to Park Square. At the latter point the horsecar was detached (and paired with horses), took on a driver and conductor, and continued to Southie as Horse Route 502 via Broadway (a la modern Route 09).


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    no idea but

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    A quick guess from end the streetcar on the left, it is along the Bowdoin/Harvard line in the 1800s.

    edit : I was hung up on the nonsensical awning on the back of the streetcar, but I just realized the awning is in the background on a building. That is definitely the same model car from the Bowdoin/Broadway/Harvard line.

    And where was that?

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    I'm brain stumped trying to figure out where a line that could include a Broadway, a Bowdoin and a Harvard would run.

    Exotic Cambridge!

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    There had been an omnibus line from Harvard Square to Bowdoin via Broadway Cambridge that was essentially bought out by the Union Railway in 1855. The Cambridge Horse Railroad, chartered May 25, 1853, had a hard time convincing well-to-do gentlemen that horsecars would be more than a fad. They set up the Union to shill and buy out/take out the established omnibus lines. The Union, under lease agreement, ran the omnibuses until track could be laid.

    I thought of that too, until...

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    ...I saw that the horse in the middle of the photo is in the Witness Protection Program. See how its face is blurred to keep a secret identity?

    Thanks for playing, folks!

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    Thanks for playing, folks! Those of you who guessed Brighton are correct. This photo was taken in 1888, and shows Cambridge and Wilton Streets.