How do you say 'Smoot' in Chinese?

The bridge which is measured in smoots

European Bunny is a math teacher from England, who is here with a math-teacher friend from China. She reports her friend plans to use smoots in a homework assignment now, based in part on the video above.



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    I love it

    I love the "ambiguity" statement and how he includes Smoot's storied national and internatonal career in standards and measurement.

    This is a good base for doing something with kids: body as a unit of measure is both ancient and appealing to kids, who tend to be very "hands on".

    An old roommate of mine was a

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    An old roommate of mine was a Smoot. The Smoot in question (Oliver?) was her uncle. As a lifelong Bostonian, I had never heard the story until I met her. Maybe it's because my dad went to Brown....