How a photographer captured photos of that Russian surveillance plane

Garfinkel of the Herald explains how he got into position to capture photos of that Russian jet that paid us a visit yesterday.

I ran out of the Herald's offices and onto Southie's D St. and got in my car and drove to East 1st st. I looked to my left as I was driving and there it was, flying over the old Edison plant on L St.



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Very cool.

I wonder if it flew over the nuke sub bases in CT and R.I., and Portsmouth shipyard? There's also multiple airbases and a major early warning radar facility on Cape Cod, Barnstable.

Why bother flying over Groton

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Why bother flying over Groton when you can see more by looking across from New London when they have the hangar doors open ? Of course they could also be signal trolling, but with the state of electronic miniaturization that could also be accomplished by packing the stuff in a car and driving around. I tend to think the modern use of spy boats and spy planes is more for P.R. purposes than any serious military advantage.