ICA to expand across harbor

The New York Times report the ICA will spend $10 million to turn a condemned factory in the Boston Harbor Shipyard - which already has an artistic bent - into a new art facility to be called the Watershed.



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    You'd be remiss to not mention that in addition to the artistic community already entrenched, it's also home to the awesome KO Pies, and the new location of Downeast Cider, as well as a short stumble to Piers Park.

    Anyone who bought a harbor-side Webster Street property 5+ years ago is shitting money now.


    This new ICA building that

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    This new ICA building that will be developed on the shipyard on Eastie's waterfront will lead the path into other exciting major new developments and perhaps have Massport lease the remainder of other property and land that they own to other big league developers who would like to build low scale skyscrapers or something similar to what is being seen now across the harbor on Fan pier,

    Probably not

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    With Logan right there, I think it limits that area to 100' or less vs the ~240ish' in the seaport.

    I do not think that immediate

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    I do not think that immediate area of the waterfront would have any negative impact to neighboring Logan airport , developers should build low scale skyscrapers the area is not underneath a flight path!!

    ICA will be on a Massport

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    ICA will be on a Massport owned parcel on the East Boston waterfront , traffic along nearby Maverick sq Sumner ,Orleans and Marginal streets will be heavily used as access points to and from the Eastie waterfront ICA , will there be any kind of Ferry transportation to and from Boston to East Boston or will the ICA have their own free shuttle service going to and from Maverick /Airport MBTA T stop to pick up visitors, in order to ease the traffic crunch.

    Reeding skilz

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    there is a satellite image with the following caption:

    "A blue line shows the path of water taxis that connect the Institute of Contemporary Art, lower left, with the new facility. The red line indicates the sight line between the two."