If you're frantically searching for those important legal documents you swore you had this morning

Important documents

Lindsay Eagle reports she found what "looks to be very important legal files" on an Ashmont-bound Red Line train around 8:30 this morning. She turned them into a T agent at JFK/UMass.



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    Twitter? Really?

    Why is this our go-to for every problem now? Surely the docs have either the name of a concerned party on them or the name of the firm or individual that prepared them, which would be a much easier way of returning them than giving them to a T agent and tweeting about it.


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    As someone who worked for lawyers, the file may or may not have the address of the firm listed, depending on the type of documents that are in the files.

    Well, I know I wouldn't want

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    Well, I know I wouldn't want to go rifling through someone's legal documents looking for names, and that still wouldn't necessarily tell you who the files belonged to. What if they contacted the wrong person, or opposing party?

    It’s as is people are more

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    It’s as is people are more interested in ‘likes’ & ‘followers’ than any kind of actual results these days. Quincy Police had to recently put out some kind of a public plea to stop tweeting their partially manned account and actually call them.

    But, this worked. The owner

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    But, this worked. The owner was reunited with the files. Seems like a good result to me.

    Reuniting people with their lost articles

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    is actually one of the best functions social media can provide to serve people.

    And it's sure better than forcing even more advertising down our throats after every fifth or sixth tweet.

    Which lawyer? Which person? Which address?

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    I take it you have never needed a lawyer. Even a simple probate will involve multiples of contact information.

    I suspect that the finder also didn't feel right digging through the files, which may have involved very personal matters.

    +1 for Seinfeld Reference

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    And if somebody left these on a train that person is definitely not Pensky material!