An impromptu memorial for the Marathon-bombing victims in a Green Line tunnel

Tim Murphy, who normally drives trolleys on the Mattapan Line, was driving a Green Line trolley on Saturday. At 2:49 p.m., he found himself between Hynes and Copley - basically right under the spot where the bombs exploded four years earlier. He reports:

I felt that I needed to say something. So I stopped the train just before the Copley Junction, where the Heath Street trains join the subway, and got on my PA and asked for everyone's attention. This is what I said:

"4 years ago, at this exact time, about 30 feet above this spot, the first of two devices went off and changed our city forever. Before entering Copley I would just like to observe a moment of silence to remember those who were lost and to think of those of us who continue to struggle on a daily basis from the effects of that day. On a more personal note for those running on Monday, from someone who was there in Copley Square when it happened, I can't even begin to tell you just how much it means to us that you continue to support our city. Thank you a thousand times over."

Then the train erupted in applause, something I wasn't expecting, we then observed a moment of silence and proceeded into Copley Station. The rest of that trip I had people in tears coming up and thanking me.



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    For a few years after 9/11

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    I remember how the T would stop ALL service for one minute at 8:46 am, which is when the first plane struck the World Trade Center.

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    Nice gesture.

    But I wonder if all the other drivers took it upon themselves to stop in the tunnels around 5 PM yesterday, when it took a basically empty BC train about 40 minutes to crawl from Kenmore to Arlington.

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    Tim Murphy

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    I've had the pleasure of meeting him - wrote a piece for the Herald about the Mattapan trolley several months ago and he was the driver on the trolleys I took - and the T should be proud to have him as an employee. He absolutely loves his job, always tries to add value in some way to the riding experience, and is one of the best public relations people the T has. If all T employees were as well-mannered and good-natured as Tim, it would be a much better system.


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    To the person who posted 'why

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    To the person who posted 'why just the marathon.' There is an annual remembrance for the firefighters who perished in the Vendome fire on the Comm. Ave. mall where the memorial is. If you actually gave a damn, you would already know this.

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