ISIS can have my Maine lobster when they pry it from my cold, dead hands

WGBH reports Maine's Shifty-hating Gov. LePage addressed Massachusetts conservative (i.e., anti-Baker) Republicans this weekend and agreed with one admirer that ISIS is active in Maine - for which he blamed Canada.




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      File footage

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      It's nice to see that state-level leadership hasn't relinquished the "Craziest person in politics" trophy without a fight. Fight on, governor! Maybe add something about how the Islamic State is siphoning off our precious bodily fluids. Lord know you're going to have to keep stepping up your game if you're going to steal headlines away from the vulgar talking yam.

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      does he men the band

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      ISIS? Cuz i'd be psyched on that. Would totally drive to Maine for an ISIS show.
      They are from Boston so you never know....

      Seriously no band has ever had as bad luck as them with that name. Like if Glen Miller had named his big band the Nazi's or something.

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      You might be too young ...

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      To remember a chocolate diet suppressent called Ayds, which once ran a commercial that asked: "Why take diet pills when you can enjoy Ayds?"

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      At least you jumped in with credible citations

      But you are talking about one (1) guy and he left a while ago, before doing any crimes.

      Hardly any sort of public safety issue, that. Seems to be a very good sign that screening is working, if you know anything about the statistics of screening. One false negative in how many people? Very low odds.

      Meanwhile, how many "native" Mainers were busted for selling oxy? That's much more of a threat to neighborhoods, families, health, etc.

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      Lobsters are not Halal!

      They are Haraam!

      Therefore, we should all carry them around at all times to ward off ISIS! That will show those refugees what America means!

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