It's almost too much to bear: There's a dead train at Kendall Square

"Moderate" delays on the Red Line following the demise of a train at Kendall Square, the T advises.



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The State of Transportation

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If the T works give all the credit to Charlie Baker
If the T doesn't work blame the unions
Charlie wins either way

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The Full short

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We've had Blue at Orient Heights, Orange at Community College and now Red at Kendall. We're one card short of a full deck!

Must be all the extreme weather events today....thank god privatizing the system will take care of this.

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not sure it matters

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A dead Red Line train will get you somewhere slightly slower than a live Green Line train.

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Pressure Is Good

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The substantive value of Adam's catchy headlines is that keep the pressure on MBTA to provide service.

Reduced to the basics, transactions with the MBTA involve:

  • Passengers pay money,
  • MBTA provides service.

Emphasizing when the MBTA doesn't provide service is a good thing.

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