It's amazing what you can find in East Boston these days

Cornhole boards in East Boston

Max Grinnell spotted these cornhole boards for sale on Bennington Street, near Byron, today.



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      Please enlighten the rest of

      Please enlighten the rest of us to exactly what piece of legislation your orange Jesus pushed through that led to a stimulus in the manufacturing of cornhole boards in East Boston.


      By failing to pass legislation that could have deprived this person of health insurance they have made it easier for them to keep working with fear of becoming destitute should they cut themselves when making the game.

      wah wah wah

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      wah wah wah wamp.. wah wah wamp wamp.. wah wah wah wah wap

      Pres Trump had zero to do with this... Z E R O .

      Like he had alot of say in Toyota or Carrier expanding.. Z E R O. Z E R O.. much like how much work he's done since he was sworn in.. Z E R O ......


      What makes you think this person wasn't making them when Obama was president? It was only 6 months ago.

      Also, I'd hardly call some guy making cornhole boards in his basement and selling them on the sidewalk a huge resurgence in American manufacturing.

      If you like stuff made in

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      If you like stuff made in America then you should despise Donald Trump. He is a trust fund brat that has had his shoddy products made in 12 different foreign countries. I bet you buy Bud Light when they call it "America" during the summer even though it is a terrible beer and its owned by Belgian corporation that is run by Brazilians. "Patriotism" is an easy way to make a fool part with a dollar.

      Nice one fishy! All the

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      Nice one fishy! All the usual suspects took the bait on this one. Well played!

      And here I thought "cornhole

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      And here I thought "cornhole board" was just another term for the Boston Planning & Development Agency.

      pretty good gig

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      "Custom" cornhole boards fetch a few hundred a piece, when they're really just painted plywood and 2x4s. Not to dismiss the effort or anything, but an enterprising DIYer with a good process could churn out quite a few of these quickly, and people will buy them.


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      That's exactly what this enterprising DIYer is doing.


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      I didn't until like 3 years ago... I worked with a lady who's husband makes these boards (and made a few company-branded ones). I always called this "Bean Bag Toss".

      "cornhole" .. to me.. just brings me to dirty thoughts and "Cornholio!"


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      Exactly where my mind went.

      Either way, an amusing summer pastime

      Too late

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      I tried for a while but sadly I think this is one battle the South has won.