JP Mexican place going upscale in new outlet

Boston Restaurant Talk reports Chilacates is planning an outlet in the Street (the former lower Chestnut Hill Mall).



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JP resident for eight years, Bostonite for 12, now in the Greater Boston area for an additional 4 year. And I understand 0 words in this article. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU BOSTON?

Um, whut?

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I can break it down for you, but first, have you heard of Chilacates?

I hadn't heard of them...

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I know you were addressing someone else, but for the record I must confess that when I saw "Chilacates" I thought it was a long lost Greek philosopher or something.

Which in its own way would be very JP ...

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But, yeah, Chilacates is a Mexican restaurant that started with one small restaurant, opened a second, is building out a third (on Mission Hill) and now is moving on up, to Chestnut Hill.

Nice. I'll check it out

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Hope it's better than Other MexicanIsh Places Located Near Malls