Just the sort of bus you'd expect Dead fans to travel in

Bus parked off Brookline Avenue for Dead and Company concert at Fenway

Roving UHub photographer Jeff Maker reports Dead fans are pouring into the area around Fenway Park in advance of tonight's and tomorrow's Dead & Company concerts. This bus is parked next to 61 Brookline Ave.



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    Storrow This!

    Would be quite the end to a long strange trip, wouldn't it?

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    A brand new rental truck


    By a Mass. State Cop

    What a long strange trip it's been

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    Sweet ass bus

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    It used to be parked on a side street in Dot. It's pretty badass.
    Pretty stylish if you ask me, esp. compared to what they're building today.

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    I agree. The bus itself is

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    I agree. The bus itself is pretty cool, lots of windows. I'm not very fond of the color scheme but the bus rocks!

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    Knew I had seen this before

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    Thanks for mentioning that it was parked in Dot at one point. I knew I had seen it before.

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    Deadhead baby boomers with

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    Deadhead baby boomers with financial nest eggs can now afford the upgrade their old VW vans they drove when they were hippies.

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    ... was always a rich kid occupation.

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    Creech Land Yacht

    (Courtesy of R Crumb)

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    That is the first thing I thought

    That is the first thing I thought when I saw it. The Phutney Creech Land Yacht is from the FFB 1990 issue #11. Rip Off Press lives up to it's name.

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    Later that same day ...

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    Jeff shows how the parking lot filled up:

    Parking for Dead and Company

    And he got a look inside that bus:

    Bus at Dead and Company
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    The Peacemaker II

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    Owned by The Twelve Tribes, providing medical services at concerts, etc.

    A handful of surviving Aerocoaches can be found today in the hands of private enthusiasts and museums (AACA in Hershey, PA). However you’re much more likely to encounter one of the two Aerocoach-sourced GM Motor Coaches, named Peacemaker I and Peacemaker II, which tour the country as part of the outreach mission of The Twelve Tribes, an international messianic religious group founded by Elbert Eugene Spriggs in 1972.

    The buses and their on-board EMTs provide complimentary medical care at large public gatherings and concerts (Phish, My Morning Jacket, Dark Star, Ratdog, The Other Ones, Bob Dylan, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart etc.) frequented by Dead Heads.....

    Details here:

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    That bus belongs to the

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    That bus belongs to the Twelve Tribes. They've been providing first aid at Dead and Phish shows since at least the 80s.
    What they won't tell you is how their organization is actually religious cult that likes to prey on/recruit hippies who are under the influence.


    I had a number of encounters with them in my younger years and I've actually been inside that bus.

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