Kung pow: Facade collapses at Brookline Chinese restaurant

Crumbled wall at Taam China in Brookline

Photo by Brookline PD.

The Brookline Police Department reports the facade at Taam China, 423 Harvard St., collapsed overnight. There were no injuries.



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That's clearly the

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That's clearly the responsibility of the owner of the building, not the tenant restaurant. It's called preventive maintenance.

Thermal effects

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Thermal effects. Cold = shrink, Hot = expand, repeat = things get loose

Just as I thought. The

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Just as I thought. The assessor's records indicate the owner lived in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Ever heard of Property Management?

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You are assuming the owner, who is in Florida, is totally neglecting the property and just collecting the rent checks from Taam China in the mail. He or she definitely has a realtor, who does property management, somewhere in the neighborhood that is taking care of all matters. I can guarantee the property manager already informed him/her of what happened.

Property Management

A good property manager would have made sure the facade wasn't at risk of collapsing in the first place, rather than just informing the out-of-state owner what had happened after the fact.

Perhaps the owner needs to

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Perhaps the owner needs to fire the realtor/property management and hire another...

Hope it is fixed soon

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One of my favorite no frills Chinese places! Also Union Square Donuts has a small shop just a few doors down. Remember to check for Jewish holidays as they are Kosher and not open during Shabbat.