LaRouchies go full Trump

LaRouchies backing Trump

In case you'd been wondering what the LaRouchies have been up to since the election, well, they've been steeling themselves to support Dear Leader, as Craig Caplan found out at Park Street today.



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Obama as Hitler

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was the LaRouchies poster that was so widely covered by photojournalists who ostensibly reported on the “tea party,” whose gatherings the LaRouchies stalked, to grab lost and/or confused comers.

LaRouchies frequently staked out the corner of Charles and Cambridge Streets with those Hitler-mustached Obama posters. Likewise, journalists/bloggers virally propagate some “antifa” and “black lives matter” signage that is widely printed and physically distributed by REVCOM (an explicitly self-described Communist organization).

“Hillary hates Communists such as Bernie Sanders?” So, “I’m with her?” Or, “Stronger together?” Or, “I only wore my pussy-hat that one day, but I don’t wear it anymore, because The Resistance™!”

LaRouche and Bernie are consistent on where they align with Trump. LaRouche is manipulative of lumpenproletariat and Trump talks like a New Yorker.

That would-be baseball assassin has a twin brother who attacked Gabby Giffords? Is that true?

“Was he a jihadi or a commie?” is now the first question. The second question is: “was he an exhumed and resurrected Confederate slaveholder or Rhodesian nationalist?” The third question is: “is he mentally ill?” The fourth, never asked question is: “is it true that pronouns like “he” and “she” were never controversial?”

Adam, thanks for headlining that these posters and signs have LaRouche in the fine print.

Just saved $8

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By picking up a word salad for lunch.



They spent the last 70 years claiming Russia represented all that was bad and believing conspiracy theories about foreign influence.

Suddenly we get an administration that actually has direct ties to Russia and evidence Russia actually is trying to infiltrate our government and yet they support that?

At this rate their next leader they'll idolize will be from Kenya who runs on a platform of taking guns away by force.


Even more

They say Wall Street is the enemy, but they support Trump? They must be completely blind to what he's been doing.


What's Orwellian is this

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What's Orwellian is this weird insinuation that LaRouche is a creature of the right.


Conspiracy for conpiracy's sake

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For the record he has always been able to find new acolytes on campus. Some kids just want to believe they must be among a small group who know more than the sheetlet. D6

More than the sheeple!

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Damn you autocorrect, learn the common language of paranoid delusionals.


More than that

Late adolescence and early adulthood are primetime for the onset of several forms of mental illness that the Larouchites can use.


I wouldn't read too much into it

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Their "crazy and dangerous" compass has been spinning wildly for years and Donald Trump is True Magnetic North for "crazy and dangerous". Rarely do two entities deserve each other more.


Support SDI or Learn Russian!

I remember seeing them on campus with a sign stating my title.

(for the kids: SDI=Strategic Defense Initiative which was Reagan's "Star Wars" plan to have ICBM killing satellites in orbit to defend against the Ruskies)

Make clouds great again

I appreciate the way the woman on the right supports radical change but a little afternoon sun would be too much for her.

She might be batshit crazy

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But writing as a fair skinned person, she is very smart with the umbrella. Aside from the cancer risk, sunburns can be painful. I mean, not as painful as having to endure LaRouche-ites, but there is very little more painful than that. If you think ill of the average Trump supporter, think about the average LaRouche supporter. You see, now you don't think that bad about people who like Trump. Relatively, but its a start.


I understand they can look

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I understand they can look goofy, but I'll never understand why umbrellas are a-okay for rain, but a no-go to block something that can actually burn and kill you.



The ones you use to keep your prison pallor are called parasols. Definitely not to be confused with parasails.

I travel to San Diego several

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I travel to San Diego several times a year. Almost all of the Asian woman and about half of the Asian men I see there carry sun umbrellas.

Sunscreen smokescreen

Sunscreen ... Especially GOVERNMENT sunscreen chemicals are fertile ground for any number of POE conspiracy theories, no doubt.

Point her to the dispensers if they are still there. Have fun.


Who writes the checks?

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I always wonder who writes the checks for LaRouchies? Is he still alive? Or was his body sent to the taxidermist? I can see LaRouche thinking himself a modern day Bentham. Or even a modern Lenin whose body would be worshipped for the ages.


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at the ripe old age of 94. I assume that this sort of thing is partly bankrolled by the people that get sucked into his organization though, as much as any financial backing he personally provides.


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I am honored. Perhaps you did not like my words "verbally" and "smited"? Too high brow for you? Ok, how about: "I told him to fuck off?" Is that better?

Why? Because my Pop was in WWII and fought against Hitler. Comparing Hitler to Obama while an insult to anyone in itself was a even bigger insult to my Dad and all those who fought against real evil.

(Oh, by the way, the tough guy says "fuck off".)


Personal Space

I believe the concept of "my personal space" is yet another tool of the perpetual victim crowd.

The MBTA must freak out those types to no end.

Remember this:

The LaRouche folks don't actually have a political ideology. Their objective is to collect donations and gather followers as ends in and of themselves rather than as a means to some ideological end.

The LaRouche Mystery

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I remember these LaRouche people being around as far back as the 70s. They always seemed rather vague as to their agenda. What I can't figure out is how this completely irrelevant, ancient old fool keeps managing to attract fresh-faced young followers. He seems like such a relic of the past.

His movement used to be

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His movement used to be called The Labor Committee in the 70's and it was very far left. His followers weren't clean cut then, just typical Cambridge beards, sandals, etc.

Not entirely sure why

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this kind of LaRouche thinking exists. I thought I knew a lot about politics, but I'd never heard of it before reading here today. A scan of wikipedia presents the first person to lose it in this particular way, LaRouche himself, as having grand ideas about art. Why is it always that people like this know what art is SUPPOSED to be?

Reminds me of the kindred looney tune in Russia Alexandr Dugin. He gets more agitated and paranoid-seeming and talks faster and faster as he works himself into a subtle froth over his own ideas. But I kinda think all these types don't matter much