At least they're not getting their EaBo on

Getting his Eastie on

Steve Holt was walking by the sales office for one of the new luxury condo developments springing up on the East Boston waterfront the other day (Slip 65 at Clippership Wharf), when he noticed the above poster.

So many things wrong with it, he thought. For starters, design-firm bro's boat is nowhere near East Boston (that's the Northern Avenue Bridge and Fort Point Channel behind him). Plus, are people who dress like that the new face of East Boston?

Holt's created a Facebook group for people who already live in East Boston to get their Eastie on - from street festivals to breaking news to the way a Slip 65 map of the "future of the waterfront" leaves out Maverick Landing, home to 400 families who wouldn't qualify for new condos.



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      Commuter Bro?

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      I think this is showing how easy it will be to commute by water from SeaPo.

      Context is everything

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      Somewhere on their Web site, they have the same photo and it's clear from the context there that he's showing how easy it is to get from East Boston to South Boston (in fact, the whole site seems to point to almost as many South Boston restaurants and bars as reason to live there as places in Eastie). But just on a poster in a window like that? Makes it seem like you're supposed to assume it's showing East Boston Important Bro heading to an Important Meeting (probably to discuss the final plans for an Important New Building that will transform the Boston skyline).

      Do you know something

      the rest of us don't? Because unless you're shelling out $10 a head/trip AND walking all the way down to the Shipyard (or adding a stop), not so much with this.


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      Don't harsh the ad copy mellow.

      Water Taxis

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      They do pick up and drop off in many locations, not just the shipyard.

      I know of

      2 spots in East Boston (not counting Logan): The Shipyard, and The Eddy–which isn't even on the map yet. Where are the other Eastie stops?


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      Is "bro" the new "hipster"? A word that at one point had a pretty specific meaning, but then got applied to everything to the point where it seems to mean nothing?

      Well, that's the thing

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      In Boston, you are expected to dress a certain way, so dressing appropriately for a bro or whatever who lives in New York or Philly just isn't cricket. We have our style, that the rest of the country mocks, but it's our style.

      A certain way?

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      What is a certain way? Is that certain way, bad, or sloppy? Or comfortable, or casual? I don't think I'm following. Is dressing nice frowned upon all of a sudden? This isn't an attack on you by any means more just trying to understand why being stylish is a bad thing, or just not what people do in Boston.

      FWIW the guy in the photo didn't look over done, metro, or douche-y imo.

      Frumpy, or in sports apparel

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      I was being facetious earlier, of course.

      Honestly, the guy looks okay, but in context of the new East Boston, the mocking was there.

      After living a while amongst

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      After living a while amongst the Future Masters of the Universe, I'm genuinely thrilled to live in a neighborhood where nobody looks twice at me for wearing yoga pants and a stained t-shirt to haul the trash bins out so I don't get garbage juice on my real clothes. And with curly hair, sometimes I'm having a terrible humidity day but I still need to get a jug of milk. It's nice to never be the fanciest or the sloppiest person at the grocery, is that so controversial?

      Boston used to be incredibly stuck up about clothing

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      Not sure when things shifted, but I was amazed when my MIL seemed to have fifty seven different words each for shoes, pants, and shirts. Each with it's own "proper" place to be worn, etc. Lace Curtain Irish thing? Not sure. Just freaked me out that something as simple as clothing could be made so artificially complicated. As in having to know the exact uniform for every occasion, not which uniform to wear to which occasion like in the Navy.

      Jeans with jacket and tie

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      "Is there something wrong with the way he's dressed?"

      That jeans with the jacket and tie look is obnoxious and pretentious.

      YEAH goddammit

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      Where the hell is his "Patriots SB (insert random roman numeral here) Champs" hat and "Yankees Suck" Shirt.

      Freakin carpet baggah

      Unless you're Matt Bomer you

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      Unless you're Matt Bomer you can skip those goggle-sunglasses and skinny useless dangling scarf. And if you are Matt Bomer... well I'm a chick but I'll just leave my number right here just in case.

      More rampaging developers please

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      I'll take a guy who dresses like that as a neighbor over a grown @ss man that wears a Patriots jersey with another grown @ss man's name on the back. Sports apparel is cool when you are in High School.

      Go Steelers!

      - A South Boston Community member

      Boston could use some style.

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      hopefully this is new face of the up and coming East Boston.

      It already in the face of South Boston!

      - A South Boston community member

      And that is a good thing?!

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      As I said before, it is not the dress, but the attitude that may come with it. And less housing for entitledtards, please, more housing for the working men and women of the city that they can actually afford on their salaries.


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      That is what the working men and women of the city wear to work.

      Your mythic working class city dweller decamped during the busing era and lives in Wilmington and isn't interested in moving back if it means they don't have space for their motorhome and fifteen trucks.


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      You might want to check out the demographics of East Boston. Those who left during the busing era were not replaced by fashion plates. They were replaced (eventually, since East Boston was and still is exempt from the busing decrees) by Latinos who are as working class as those before them.

      You should visit East Boston sometime. And by East Boston I don't mean the airport.


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      Or being paid handsomely for their hard work in fixing up that house they bought fifteen years ago and are now selling for enough money to buy a bigger place or retire?

      Some call it selling out ... others call it buying in!

      You missed one thing

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      What about their tenants who rent and have no equity? Either their new landlords jack the rents or the units become condos. Sound like a deal to you?

      I honestly never understand why people have no sympathy for renters priced out when gentrification happens, but sure, you and Swirls can go on about people cashing out all you want while some are truly driven out.

      Also, I never talked about displacement before. I merely noted that the anon before has no clue about East Boston. And this coming from someone from the other side of the harbor.

      I'm not so sure. . . I think

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      I'm not so sure. . . I think he may just be a handsome dude on a boat. I'm into your attitude though. What can I wear to match you?

      Making a lot of assumptions there

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      Dress says a lot about a person, and yes the douche uniform may be something that approximates what the guy is wearing in the ad, but an assumption is an assumption.

      It was a thing a number of years ago

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      I don't know if it comes from Get Your War On, but for a couple of years, it was all the rage among the hipsterati. The Dig once did an entire issue where every headline was some variant of the phrase, just because it had crossed over into cliche and was ripe for mocking. Why, even I used it (oh my God, that headline! I should sue!).

      Via their website...

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      they also claim that the T stop (Maverick) "right outside your doorstop" will get you to State in "3 minutes". Does the T get anyone anywhere in three minutes these days?!

      The ups and downs

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      I'm just happy when a T escalator gets me to my destination in less than 3 minutes.

      Aquarium, maybe.

      If you don't have to wait for the next, or next next train at rush hour. Maverick is already $*#%show, and only 2 of these new buildings are open. Can't wait until the other waterfront buildings, plus the new ones currently going up on and proposed for Everett and Maverick St. open.

      Your Eastie?

      Yes, it means calling Roslindale and Milton folks who complain about airplane noise pansies.

      I blame the new Blue Line cars for all this East Boston hype. Who knew that the T could actually fix something and make a place more attractive to live?

      I'm on a nice well-lit

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      I'm on a nice well-lit stretch of Sumner on the Jeffries Point side, and I still occasionally get cabbies who seem genuinely afraid to stop the car in front of my little house with its ever-so-menacing rose garden. Not rejecting the fare to begin with, which I'm used to, but expecting to be jumped in the time it takes me to pull my carry-on out of the backseat. It's ... odd.

      I've lived here a bit more than 5 years and gather there were some rough times before that but seriously dude? You're a cabbie and THIS is the scariest stop you make?

      I just had a whole passel of

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      I just had a whole passel of these move in to the place right behind me in jeffries point. Ugh. Huge flaming grill on a wood deck pushed right up to the siding, ragers 3x/week with underage drinkers (screeched through my closed window in hour 7 of one party: "How old are you anyway?" "... ... ... Old enough to PARTY!!!"), hooting like baboons and shrieking karaoke at all hours, the unending clatter of dropped solo cups during multi-hour beer pong marathons, I'm so done.

      I was too old for Allston before I was old enough to drink. These self-absorbed twerps can take ALL the seats. This neighborhood was always quiet and respectful - the rest of my hearing-range neighbors party maaaybe quarterly and it's usually for a kid's birthday and wraps up at a reasonable hour. In fact I was probably the worst neighbor before because I have a bratty howling cat and sometimes tune him out when the windows are open.

      The last straw was when they STARTED a birthday party for their toddler at 9pm on a Thursday night. I don't want to be a curtain-twitching busybody but oh my god, grow up grow up grow UP. My windows are all brand new, we're not attached, if I can hear which verse of a particular Tom Petty song you're belting out at 11:45pm, you're TOO LOUD.

      Either they're loaded or their parents are - yeah, I'll cop to peeking at the neighboring zillow listings and this is some Saudi Prince level reno they just moved into - but nowhere along the line did they learn about the existence of other human beings.