Let's just pretend the camper driver who broke Storrow Drive is from out of town

Josh Oberler shows us what he saw when a camper driver backed up after realizing there was no way forward for him or her on Storrow inbound this afternoon.



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Wait a minute

At the end of the video - did he back up the ramp and NOT hit the 'cars only' warning thing?

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Cars Only sign

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At the end of that clip, it really looks like the camper clears the "Cars Only" sign.

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So it looks like that entrance has a loophole. There's a portion off to the side where you can bypass the signs and *possibly* not notice the signs. It's like partial plausible deniability.

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Uhh, can someone explain this

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Uhh, can someone explain this to me - he cleared that "cars only" sign just fine. What's the problem here? Is that sign actually mounted HIGHER than the advertised 11FT clearance? Anyone know the model and the clearance height of that camper?

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Small "no trucks" sign before ramp

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I'm guessing this has been covered before, but drivers have to go all the way down to the bottom of that entrance ramp to see hanging warning - still would cause issues backing all the way up from there.

There is only the small graphic no truck sign at the corner of Cambridge St and ramp (SFR). https://goo.gl/maps/mvreAmT29Zx

Any chance that something else more substantial could be put at that corner?

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They could certainly put up a

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They could certainly put up a more substantial sign back at the Cambridge Street corner. But not a height barrier, since trucks need to use that road to get to the hotel and chemical company.

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