Locals don't always realize the variety of good food you can get at Faneuil Hall - like fresh squab

Mike Ball reports on an interlude on the cobblestones outside the Quincy Market building today:

Not-at-all-shy hawk went for lunch at Boston's Quincy Market. It started right on the pigeon, thrilling and disgusting the tourists and locals. This young female brought the pigeon down with a thump (apparently dead before hitting the paving stones) and looked at 50 or so of us like, "You'd better not try to take my meal!"

Oh, you want a look? But of course:

Hawk about to eat a pigeon



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        ( sorry for my tardiness — I'm not always watching UHub like a hawk )


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    Id suggest that this is likely a peregrine falcon given the choice of prey. Falcons hunt birds; hawks hunt mainly ground-based prey.


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    I think peregrines grab their food mid air and roostvto eat. No?

    Plus, this looks like a cooper's or red tail. Let the debate rage.

    Nice to hear from you Elmer!

    lol no

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    I've seen at least 4 red-tailed hawks eating pigeons. Now, you might also claim that pigeons are ground-based, and I wouldn't argue much...

    Red Tailed Hawks

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    Red tails eat plenty of other birds, including pigeons. One can often spot them sitting in trees because they're being mobbed by crows or smaller birds. That's a great photo - if you look closely, you can see the hawk's tail.

    Also, kudos for "thrilled and disgusted" onlookers. I would have been firmly in the thrilled column.