Long awaited Roslindale bagel place to open - in Jamaica Plain

Exodus Bagels announced today it's moving into the old Canto 6 location at 3346 Washington St., across from the E-13 police station.

That's good news for JP, not so good for bagel fans in Roslindale, who'd been thinking owner Adam Hirsh would be opening a nosherie off Belgrade Avenue. But the Canto 6 spot is already zoned and built for bakery-type operations, while the Roslindale location, on McCraw Street, where Exodus now makes its bagels, would have required zoning-board approval and a lot of work to turn into a retail space.

Hirsh writes:

We are also inspired and motivated to set up shop at the corner of Washington and Green Streets, because we see that securing a retail space with proper licensure in place gets us closer to fulfilling our goals at McCraw Street. 2 McCraw will continue to be our commercial kitchen where we'll produce food & our bagels with greater frequency. The smaller retail space on Washington is where we will focus on serving our bagels, sandwiches, coffee and drinks to the hungry Parkside neighborhood and all those who venture here.



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I passed by it tonight (not

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I passed by it tonight (not knowing) and noticed that the windows were uncoverrd, all the old counters had been knocked down and a fresh coat of crimson was on the walls. I'd say a month at least.

Stop the gentrification?

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I wonder if the Green Street Renters Association fighting the proposed development kitty corner to this (because it 'only' includes 18% affordable units) will also oppose Exodus, knowing that this is exactly the type of bourgeois amenity that real estate agents highlight when marketing apartments to people who can afford an absolutely delicious $10 bagel. I mean, are we really going to "fight gentrification," or are we just going to try and stop new housing from being built?

Well there's always Yessina's

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Well there's always Yessina's bordega right next to the potential Exodus. And there's always Ruggiero's across the street.

It's too late for that.

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People move into gentrifying areas and businesses that cater to them follow, not the other way around. The gentrification has already happened. Businesses don't risk locating in gentrifying areas, they locate in areas where their customer base is already established.


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Look at how long it took the new development at Jackson Square (225 Centre St) to attract retail tenants to its first floor. They eventually went with a Texas-based burger chain and a Cricket wireless shop, after the storefronts they built stood vacant for a couple of years. That is an example of a neighborhood that is not yet gentrified and could not attract businesses who appeal to gentrifiers.

What a burger...

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They eventually went with a Texas-based burger chain

Please let this be Whataburger!

Sorry, nope

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Something called Mooyah.

Me, I'm hoping for a Smashburger. Not because I think their burgers are great (I have no idea, actually), but because I like the idea of people using mallets to smash meatballs into burgers (and yes, I know there's one in Westwood now, and yes, I know they don't actually take a meatball and smash it, but I like the idea).

A bagel with cream cheese is

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A bagel with cream cheese is $3. Hardly bourgeois.

I think some people have concerns about that development because the guy behind it doesn't have a pristine track record. Kicking out popular local businesses from a building just to have it sit vacant is bad for a neighborhood.

Dude, did you ever got to Canto 6?

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A bagel shop is a lateral move.

And all arguments about gentrification aside, any Levin development is worthy of skepticism.

I heard mutterings at the

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I heard mutterings at the time of closing that Canto6 might consider finding space elsewhere. Does anybody know if that is true? I used to live near Stony Brook and loved getting my weekend treats there. Now I live in Rozzie and I'm disappointed that Exodus won't be opening up shop here just yet, but I can't imagine how frustrating it must be dealing with the zoning circle of hell. The old Canto6 spot is a great location and Exodus will be a nice fit. (I'm just jealous it won't be in this neighborhood just yet.)

Don't forget the other bagel place opening soon

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It's not all that far away from where Exodus was going to be, where the Upper Crust used to be on Centre Street in West Roxbury. They're going to truck in frozen, almost finished bagels from New York.