Lots of delays out of South Station; remember, we're Number 1 in the nation

The day after the news broke that the MBTA has the most delayed commuter-rail system in the US comes news that numerous trains on different lines out of South Station are delayed this afternoon.




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And they haven't even started

And they haven't even started to create additional logjams with the Keolis ticket checker's bottlenecking the existing bottleneck.

At least commuter's can take comfort in the fact that if the century and a half technology that is railroads can't arrive/leave in a reasonable amount of time, Charlie is "fiscally controlling" things


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was there last night. Typical clusterf*ck". Because there is so little room for commuters in the train station, platforms get totally choked with people, making it difficult even to get to your train. And then, like last night, you finally get to the train and the doors are not open/unlocked (happens on occasion) so you get the bottleneck of people waiting until a conductor arrives. It appears that trains were delayed to not having enough tracks available for incoming and outgoing trains. An ongoing problem with no immediate solution, unfortunately.

Wait till winter!

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As opposed to Bev Scott who was blamed for everything wrong in T-LAND the new general manager can claim "This is my first rodeo!"