Make Way for Turkeys

Make way for turkeys in Harvard Square

"This is not how I remember 'Make Way for Ducklings'," Gedalia Pasternak thought while watching a bus on Mass. Ave in Harvard Square making way for passing poultry this morning.



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    Typical entitled Harvard Turkeys.

    Crosswalks are for the poor. These are the Turkey types that will go to work on Wall Street, turn their backs on the Liberation movement and openly celebrate Thanksgiving.

    This is Harvard College not Harvard Business School

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    This is Cambridge, 02138, the true and original Harvard, where Hancocks and Adamses (and, to be sure, the occasional Weld and Baker) went to school.

    Harvard Business School is across the river in Allston. These turkeys clearly know that civilization ends at the Charles, and two third of HBS is BS.

    fire hydrant

    Somehow the only snow in the picture is directly in front of hydrant. Probably not an issue. However on Cambridge St on Boston there is little snow with exceptions for ramps at cross walks which are filled with ice.