Man and cat reunited

Mike and Beast

TrueNE_79 reports that Curtis, a homeless man well known on either side of Fort Point Channel, has his Beast back. Beast had gone missing late last month, but:

Was found down in Seaport, leash wrapped around a tree...poor boy. Everyone's fine though.



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    I'm glad Curtis has his furry friend back.

    the Beast is back!!

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    I'm so glad, I was so worried for Beast and for Curtis. I'm going to try to take a walk later today to say hello.


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    I'm really glad this had a happy ending.

    I'm concerned about where

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    I'm concerned about where these 2 are going to be when the weather gets cold. Shelters don't let cats in, and this guy obviously wants his cat to stay with him. Why can't homeless advocates find this guy a place to live? He doesn't have a opiate addiction which is a BIG plus.

    Me, too!

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    Here's hoping that Curtis and his cat find a home where they can permanently reside...and be together, as well.