Man arrested for Hyde Park home invasion, kidnapping

Wanted man

Boston Police report arresting a "violent, dangerous" man for an incident last Thursday in which he and accomplices allegedly broke into a home on Enneking Parkway, forced the occupant into a car to withdraw money from her ATM and then dumped her in a cemetery.

Cesar Lara-Aguasvivas, 23, was arrested late last night on Melville Avenue in Dorchester, police say, adding he will be arraigned today in West Roxbury Municipal Court on charges of home invasion, kidnapping, assault by means of a dangerous weapon, larceny of a motor vehicle and destruction of property.

Innocent, etc.





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Also arrested for armed robbery back in 2014. You'd think he'd still be in jail from that crime.

Related to the topic of time

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Related to the topic of time in jail. The guy that was murdered in a double shooting in Brockton over the weekend allegedly shot 5 people outside of a bar in May 2015, than was involved in another shooting in June of 2015.

How was a guy that shot 6 people within the past 2 years not in jail?

Case dismissed

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The victim decided not to testify and so the case was dismissed, the Suffolk County DA's office reports.

2015- Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of A

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At about 10:32 PM on Monday July 27, 2015, officers assigned to the City Wide Bicycle Unit responded to a radio call for a person with a gun in the area of Columbia Road and Quincy Street in District C-11 (Dorchester). Officers quickly located two male suspects matching the given description sitting on a bench in a nearby park and approached to speak with them. The suspects, later identified as Luis Urdaneta, 21, of Dorchester and Cesar Lara-Aguasvivas, 21, of Mattapan, abruptly stood up and began to walk away upon seeing the officers but were immediately stopped by additional responding units. Officers recovered a loaded Derringer .22 caliber handgun on the ground behind the bench where the suspects had been sitting. Officers also recovered a black backpack containing nearly 50 rounds of .22 caliber ammunition and a single black ankle sock from on the bench. Officers observed that one of the suspects (Urdaneta) was only wearing one black ankle sock which matched the recovered sock.

Both suspects were placed in custody without incident and will appear in Dorchester District Court on charges of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition and Trespassing.


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There was also a home invasion/kidnapping reported in Milton and they located the victim and car in Dorchester. Could have sworn I heard this guys name over the scanner, and also some mention of a distinctive tattoo. Anyone know if it's related or what ended up happening?

Dont relax yet, the news

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Dont relax yet, the news reports said there were 4 criminals involved in this violent crime, only one has been arrested as far as is known, that means 3 of the criminals are still at large. Someone must know who the arrested criminal associates were so as to identify the others.

Also while the criminal arrested for the Hyde Park crime is being held on a million dollars bail (according to press reports), the criminal arrested for the Milton similar crime is being held for less (according to press reports), no explanation for this