Man who was arrested for upskirting last fall at a Red Line station is arrested for upskirting again at a Red Line station


A man arrested for aiming a camera up a woman's skirt at Porter on the Red Line last fall was arrested Sunday afternoon for aiming a camera up a woman's skirt at Broadway station, Transit Police report.

According to police:

As the victim was exiting the station via the escalator she noticed a male, later identified as James Cullers, 52, of Boston, was extremely close to her. The victim turned around and observed Cullers holding a cell phone positioned under her skirt and between her legs. The victim also noticed the cell phone was in record mode. The victim immediately contacted police.

In addition to the two upskirting charges, Culler is still awaiting trial on rape in Wareham.

Innocent, etc.



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"Upskirting" is quite

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"Upskirting" is quite descriptive, painting a mental image quickly. I worry, though, that it minimizes the sexual attack victims endure.

Good thing he'll be tried for

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Good thing he'll be tried for rape.


Maybe they'll even get him for the upskirts.


Before I ever moved to Boston

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Before I ever moved to Boston from another region I had visited and had a run in with this man. We got on the green line in Allston and so did this man. He did not pay his fair and got into it with the driver who decided he was far too scary to turn away. This guy lurks over us until Park Street where of course he ends up as well. There are not many people around as I wait for the next train to airport. He comes very close to me and pins us against wall. We go around him quickly to stand near more people. This man is dangerous

Good job Transit Police

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Every day we read about another crime wave on the MBTA and the great job the Transit Police
are doing. Any every three months we read another story about how crime is down 75 percent on the MBTA. How is this possible?

Actually, the Transit Police

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Actually, the Transit Police are hemorraging bodies at a rate faster than they can replace. It's to the point they are forbidding any officers from transferring to other civil service departments. Staffing is low, morale is rock bottom, timely backup will most likely require a call to a local department as coverage is thin. A reduction in police work results in a reduction of crime statistics, thus crime is down!


I'll have to admit, if I had just seen an article about the legislature passing a law to clarify that upskirting is illegal, I would have said, "Gee, what a useless law. Whoever would do that?" I'm sad to be proved wrong.