Man breaks out the Oreos during massive Expressway traffic jam

Cookie man on I-93 in Dorchester

Gretchen Van Ness is one of the motorists who got stuck in what turned into at least 90 minutes of gridlock on I-93 southbound this afternoon after police shut the road following a double shooting near Neponset Circle. She reports people have been "terrific" and kept their cool - and that this guy walked down the road handing out Oreos.



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As they say...

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The price of freedom is eternal vigilance and oreos.

Motorcycle gang war?

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Police were expecting violence this weekend as 400+ members of the Outlaws from all over the East Coast gathered for an end of summer cookout in Brockton. Rival gangs had threatened violence. It will be interesting to see if this is related. MSP looking for a red Jeep Renegade with X style tail lights.

Rival gangs

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By that you mean the thousands of people with Florida plates who ascended to our fair Commonwealth?

Got milk?

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Someone ought to pass out cookies in Congress.


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Sharing our Oreos in the face of adversity is what America is all about.