Man charged as drug-trafficking pimp almost five years after he was charged as a drug-trafficking pimp

Hendricks Berdet, 31, was arraigned today on charges he gave drug-addicted women heroin and cocaine in exchange for turning tricks and giving him all the money, the state Attorney General's office reports.

Berdet, a Boston resident, had bail set at $150,000 today at his arraignment in Boston Municipal Court on six counts of trafficking in persons for sexual servitude, two counts of distribution of heroin and two counts of distribution of cocaine.

According to authorities, Berdet would allegedly distribute the drugs to the women, post advertisements on websites known to advertise sexual services, and transport them to various homes and hotels in locations including Boston, Brookline, Newton, and Waltham where they would engage in sexual acts for a fee. The women allegedly provided all of the money they received for performing commercial sexual acts to Berdet, who required the women to reach a certain quota of each night, usually between $1,000 and $1,500. Berdet also allegedly took the victims’ identification or bank cards in some cases.

In May, 2012, Berdet and several other men were arrested on charges they ran a druggie brothel in Charlestown.

Innocent, etc.