Man charged as serial burglar in Cambridge

Cambridge Police report arresting a local man they say has been breaking into apartments for two years.

Pringgo Husin, 24, who lives on Leighton Street, was arrested yesterday no a charge of unarmed burglary by officers armed with a search warrant - which police say they used to recover "items believed to be taken in several residential breaks."

Among them, items taken during a May 3 housebreak at a Leighton Street apartment:

A female resident was home in her bedroom late at night and she heard an unknown person open her bedroom door. At that point, she screamed and the suspect fled from the apartment. Video surveillance of the break-in is believed to depict Husin as the suspect, as well as the suspect in another breaking and entering on April 27, 2017 in the same building.

Police say that after being arrested, Husin acknowledged several other housebreaks over the past two years. He is scheduled for arraignment today in Cambridge District Court.

Innocent, etc.



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    Two years?? What is the

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    Two years?? What is the punishment for this? Heavy fines, jail time, or lots of community service? Either way, really glad he's off the streets for now.

    No, no, no

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    They've been looking for him for 2 years.

    He'll get his sentence later. Trial first.

    Pringgo said about burglary,

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    Pringgo said about burglary, "once you pop, you can't stop".

    I will say I was hoping for mention of "burglarious tools" and was greatly disappointed.