Man hunted for spitting on a T bus driver

Spitter sought

Transit Police report they're looking for this guy for spitting on a T bus driver at Union and Exchange streets in Lynn around 10:50 a.m. on March 7.

If caught, he'll face a charge of assault and battery.



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Pity the poor bus drivers

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Spit on and punched out in good weather. In the next couple of days they will be pelted with ice balls and come Sunday they will be puked on after the Parade.

Solution: if you can't handle

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Solution: if you can't handle your liquor then go to an AA meeting. There are plenty of us who enjoy a few beers after work or on the weekends wihout puking. Stop projecting your addiction problem on the majority of responsible drinkers. Your comment has nothing to do with assholes spitting on bus drivers.


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I'm confused. The OP said they pitied the bus drivers for having to deal with a-holes like the one in the linked article (spitting, puking, yelling, etc.). At no point did OP say that THEY would be the ones doing these things.

Surely you aren't saying that there won't be a bunch of overly drunk yahoos at the parade?


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Because we want guys like this one driving.

Tell us EM: when and where do you drive? Maybe all us bus people will rent cars for the day and go drive there at that time.