Man, I sure could use a stiff drink and a steak right now

Scotch 'n Sirloin

Never leave us, Scotch 'n Sirloin.



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      I want to like Frank's.. I really do. But every time I try to eat there (I'm on try #4).. the service is just so bad. I end up walking out because we can't even be seated or 30 mins for a drink order is ridiculous on a Thursday night)

      Sure I tend to eat later (> 8pm), but if your hours are until 9, you serve until 9. Not start to clean up and ignore customers.

      Jim Sands Oldies Night

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      WHDH (now EEI) DJ had a very popular weeknight oldies show there, big crowd at the bar.

      Closed in 1991

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      After more than 18 years, the North End's Scotch 'n Sirloin restaurant has closed its doors, squeezed by the economic crunch that has snuffed out so many local businesses in recent months.

      A popular lounge and nightspot, Scotch 'n Sirloin for years attracted big evening crowds emerging from the nearby Boston Garden after Celtics and Bruins games. Owner and founder Harry Johnson said he depended on this booming clientele to make up for slow times during the summer.

      But these days, Johnson said yesterday, "the business just wasn't there."

      Johnson officially closed the restaurant Saturday night, when he told some 40 employees that the evening's last round would be permanent. …


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      I am curious if it would make it today.. considering that neighborhood has changed so much and now has alot of residential very close by.

      Sure this place sounded like chain-like.. but the owner could have stepped it up a few notches to stay with the times now.

      Okay kids, we're rebranding

      We gotta keep up with what the hip kids like so from now on we're going to be "Bourbon and Hangar Steak!"

      I kid but I get your point, they were there in an era where it was mostly feast or famine depending on how the teams at the garden were doing but it's much more of a seven day a week area now.

      Wow, "economic crunch". Ever

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      Wow, "economic crunch". Ever heard of that? Nowadays, we're worried about Amazon actually setting up shop here.

      Lots of fond (yet dim, lol)

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      Lots of fond (yet dim, lol) memories of the S&S.

      Not to be confused with the Up & Up in the Hojo's in Kenmore Square.

      Damn, that was fun...

      Water Leak

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      I heard tell of a water leak to the lower floors by previous bosses. Apparently quite a mess!