Man struck and killed by commuter-rail train in Chelsea

Scene of fatal pedestrian and train crash in Chelsea

Everett Street crossing after the fatality. Photo by KMV.

Transit Police report a 21-year-old man died around 9 p.m. yesterday when he disregarded the downed gates and flashing lights at the Everett Street crossing and tried to walk across the tracks, only to get hit by an outbound Rockport Line train.



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So Sad

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RIP, These train tragedies must take a horrible toll on the families of the victim and the train crews along with the passengers my prayers go out to all involved.

They finally changed their

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They finally changed their boilerplate. Now it doesn't preemptively label the deceased as a trespasser. Glacial change, oversight, or strategic decision based on the likelihood of the estate suing ?

Show us even ONE example

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where anyone, in a car, on bike, or on foot, who has been struck by a train at a PUBLIC grade crossing, has been labeled as a 'trespasser'?

Improperly crossing the tracks at a location where the public is normally PERMITTED to cross them is not the same as walking down the tracks where the public has no right of access.

And please don't give people any more excuses to file frivolous lawsuits ("the estate suing" nonsense). Our courts already have more of them then they can handle.


If you willfully disregard the gates, lights, and bells, and walk (or bike or drive) into the crossing anyway, you are trespassing.