A map to the bus routes of Dudley Square

Dudley Square bus-station map

Sky Rose writes she couldn't find a good map of the platforms at Dudley Square - the T's busiest bus stop - so she made one herself.



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I'm impressed, i don't every use that station but would have no problem location my bus with that map; i think!

nice work!

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I thought it looked too functional to be the work of the MBTA, had to read the info more closely


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As someone who occasionally rides the Route 170 for fun and frequently rides the Route 171 after a night on the town, it warms my heart to see she included these twice-a-day routes! Rare mileage indeed.

You know what I loved the

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You know what I loved the most about this? She did it for fellow riders, FREE of charge! For the common good. We need more like Sky Rose. Getting the job done with no consultation fee to be paid by taxpayers or contracting some guy out in China to make a goddamn map. Thank you, Sky!


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This is fantastic. The MBTA should give Sky a free pass for the year for producing this.

It would have cost the MBTA thousands (cough...unions) just to come up with this diagram.

This is awesome! I hate

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This is awesome! I hate having a tight bus connection at a station you don't know well and having no idea where to go.

Dudley Map

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My name is Kenneth Dumas and I create all the maps for the MBTA. I love your Dudley Bus Berth Map. Turns out the MBTA has one they just haven't used it. I would love to send it to you. Is there an email address I can send the map to?

Ken Dumas