Massive turnpike backup caused by paving crew that paved too long

WBZ reports on what caused big delays on the turnpike from Weston back this morning.



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    Apparently the time of the 50

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    Apparently the time of the 50 people doing the paving is a lot more valuable than the time of the 10,000 people stuck in traffic.

    Good thing we have options

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    Like a 21st-century, functional parallel railroad line.

    Oh did I say 21st-century, functional? I meant 19th-century, dysfunctional.

    Waze has given up on the Pike for now

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    Due to the loss of a lane in both directions for now until they take another lane away for 2 weeks coming up, on the few times I have needed to drive downtown for work in the morning like today, Waze has given up on using the Pike.

    Instead it's putting me on Storrow. But given the experience on Storrow, I imagine pretty soon it's going to be faster to just take surface streets.