Massport to fund operation of new senior center, park expansion in East Boston

Massport has agreed to pay for the operation of a new senior center in East Boston and a 4.5-acre expansion of Piers Park as recompense for its never ending expansion at Logan Airport, the authority and Mayor Walsh's office announced today.

Piers Park II will have "4.5 acres of active green space and be located adjacent to the existing Piers Park," the mayor's office reports.

Massport agreed to pay for the projects as mitigation for its expansion of Terminal E and the addition of 5,000 parking spaces. Massport will also provide funds for a study of possible ways to deal with traffic on Neptune Road - including the constant storrowing of 18-wheelers at the 1A ramp. Massport will also make a contribution to the East Boston Foundation.



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    They'll pay for all this, but remember that they refused to repaint the bike lanes when repaving the portion of Seaport Blvd that they own. Makes no sense.

    Will this new senior center

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    Will this new senior center be adjacent to piers park, East Boston needs more housing for seniors more than the yuppies.

    Eastie Senior Center

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    It will be in the former Orient Heights branch of the East Boston Library that was closed when the new library on the Greenway was opened. No way would they put it on the waterfront....

    Ball playing

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    Wait, so by active green space does this mean grass that kids are actually allowed to throw a frisbee or football on? Or play soccer? Because I have been told to stop all three in not only Piers Park, but the Bremen Street Park as well.

    Was told by cops in both places that there is "no ball playing allowed." Just absurd.

    Active green space could mean

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    Active green space could mean a baseball or soccer field which is only open to organized groups with a permit.

    Will MassPort pay for all neighborhoods sacrificed?

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    MassPort is waking people up at 5:00 PM and more 5 miles and more beyond Logan. What is MassPort willing to do to compensate the harm to the health of people who live quite a distance from the airport?

    As important what is Charlie doing? From what I've gathered he's doing nothing. Remember Charlie: jets noise pollution affects a lot of neighborhoods too far away from Logan for MassPort to justify the noise.


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    How about a white noise machine for the airplane noise, it might help out,


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    Logan Airport is expanding because NOBODY in ANY neighborhood uses an airport?

    Just to piss you off, of course.

    (head explosion)

    Things Daan doesn't understaand

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    1. Baker has no control over the jet noise. See also: FAA
    2. The airport keeps expanding because people use the airport.
    3. People who use the airport come from a 50+ mile radius (INTERNATIONAL airport)
    4. Massport doesn't control the noise - just monitors it
    5. You don't get trinkets for fake outrage

    Jet noise at 5:30AM every

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    Jet noise at 5:30AM every morning isn't "fake outrage". This is happening to people in a section of South End/Roxbury/JP while the rest of the city is largely sparred the noise. There are plenty of studies that show the harmful side effects of excessive plane noise if you want to educate yourself.

    Don't like noise? Move to

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    Don't like noise? Move to the burbs. This is life in the big city. Go find your big boy pants and deal with it.

    I Screwed Up

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    Should have replied to "anon" and not "Daan"/


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    Actually the airport is expanding because there has been a decades-long process of promoting the city around the world with the selling point being direct flights from Boston to [fill in the blank]. Deval Patrick spent a fair amount of time flogging the airport all around the globe and in return the City helps projects like Millennium Towers go up in order to attract dollars from China, Russia and wherever else looking to launde...uh...invest. This does not just "happen." We've been trying to be a "world class shitty" since they first started talking about a shopping district in the old Quincy Market. Now we finally got it. The city is here for the convenience of rich foreigners or rich people who want a pied a tierre in Boston. It certainly is NOT for the residents of East Boston.

    Thoughts ...

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    1. Daan's points 1 through 4 are statements of plain reality. He should have omitted point 5. It's an opinion, and not correct.
    2. Besides airplane noise, East Boston has traffic and air pollution burdens that most communities do not have (see the study on the AIR Inc. website).
    3. The study by MIT offers hope for some relief for other communities under departure paths (e.g., Roxbury, Roslindale, Medford, Everett) but likely not East Boston.
    4. Massport does a decent job of contributing to the East Boston community, but it's an airport -- a thriving airport -- that benefits greater Boston to a great extent. That should not change.