Two MassDOT workers at the Zipper Lane building on the Expressway have been placed on leave while State Police investigate whether that was a real pot plant they had in a window there, WCVB reports.



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      Two Things

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      1 - The State Police can't tell immediately if it's a real pot plant?

      2 - So what? If it's legal - I've heard rumors to that effect - then what the hell does it matter?


      Ok I'll bite

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      2 - So what? If it's legal - I've heard rumors to that effect - then what the hell does it matter?

      While I agree with you. It's illegal still on a federal level. Much of the DOT money comes from federal contracts so drug testing is mandatory and the DOT has a zero tolerance on drug usage.

      Sure it's just a plant.. but where there's smoke, there's probably a fire.


      If the public thinks state workers are growing pot (or anything) on the taxpayers dime it sends a bad message. No supervisor should allow it and no employee should be so dumb. Grow it at home.

      Legal vs Appropriate

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      Beer is legal but I'm pretty sure if someone had a keg in their state office, that would be unacceptable to most. IMO it's valid to say it's inappropriate and state employees shouldn't be drinking on taxpayer dollars. I think the pot plant in a state office could be looked at in the same light. That being said...
      There are going to be so many of these kinds of stories covered with the pot transition. I'm really looking forward to the entertainment value this will offer.

      Ron is correct.

      2. You can only have marijuana plants at your own residence.

      1. You still get the plant tested at the state lab in order to see if it is an actual marijuana plant or not if you want to bring charges (or take some HR action against an employee).

      That is the way the judicial system works

      You need an "expert" to confirm what you have is actually illegal.

      There are forms of the okra plant, as well as kenaf plant production in this country (sometimes invasive as well) which can be confused with a marijuana plant.

      Also, the test is pretty cheap.

      Why would you need to waste

      Why would you need to waste money at a lab testing if it's an actual plant? You can tell by looking at it

      Why even consider the plant? You can tell by looking at the suspect whether he's guilty or not, amirite?

      I was actually pointing out

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      I was actually pointing out that you can literally look at a marijuana plant and determine its sex (and whether it contains scary, life ruining drugs), but considering hemp is illegal then naturally male plants would be illegal...for whatever goddamn reason.

      Though not bad inferring that I'd be someone that would judge people based on visually available cues because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

      So I guess...'s a little more complicated than it seems.
      Don't smoke if you have a CDL or you can kiss it goodbye on a drug test.
      Maybe the cute fool should have just kept it home.

      As to #1

      They are being smart and having it tested. That way, they don't get sued if it isn't pot.

      I have a friend who does landscaping at a large zoo and there is a native plant growing there that looks like a pot plant to the very untrained eye. He is constantly having to deal with a dimwit security suppository who insists that these plants MUST BE POT PLANTS and keeps accusing my friend of growing pot plants even though the dimwit does not have a degree in horticulture nor any experience in xerescaping with native plants. Dimwit has been told and shown repeatedly what type of plant it is (it doesn't even smell like pot), and this has gone so far that he has been told that if he calls the cops again about it he will be fired.

      MSP are apparently much smarter than a dimwit zoo security guard with DAREmania. They are getting an expert opinion.

      What they did wasn't legal

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      1) If you read the transcript rather than the blurb at the link, State Police taped a note on the window telling the employee with the pot plant that "if they like their job, they should remove the plant". A photo of this was sent to Channel 5 who asked the police about it who said when they searched the building when MassDOT made them aware of the situation, they found no evidence of the plant. So, basically, the cops did the right thing by not cracking skulls and now there's no crime to investigate on it after the fact...but it's become a thing due to the photo and the employee(s) are in trouble for it. At the same time the Statie who posted the note isn't going to come forwards and say they didn't crack skulls, so MSP is going with the official line that they didn't post the note, it must have been someone else pretending to be a patrolman playing a joke on the office worker who had the plant in the window.

      2) The law is that it's legal at your primary residence (that's right, no growing at your summer home on the Cape...or your state office window). It also can't be visible to the naked eye from the street (which it was for the cops to put their note on it).

      This isn't 'nam. There are rules.


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      For the commentary, but mostly for the Big Lebowski reference.