MBTA to add buses to South Boston routes

The Bulletin reports the T is adding seven buses - and the drivers to drive them - to the 7 and 9 routes in September, due to ridership increasing 84% in recent years.



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Buses headed into downtown should have a dedicated bus lane in the morning and buses headed away from downtown should have a dedicated bus lane in the afternoon.

its simple, eliminate parking on one side of Broadway from 6:30am to 10:00am. Then the other side from 4:00pm - 6:00pm. The freed up space would be the dedicated bus lane.

- A South Boston Community Member.

Go Wizards! Go Senators!

Sure! Eliminate Parking on Broadway

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I know SoBo is being sarcastic but they can't even eliminate DOUBLE parking in South Boston, let alone free up an entire side of one street.

I'm for the idea though.

i retired the name SoBo

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i retired the name SoBo because it upset people.

it will happen eventually. more and more public transit using, bike riding and walking residents are moving in and the car owning ones are moving out. the residents will make it happen.

- A South Boston Community Member

Another way to put it...

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but I guess what yuppies want yuppies get.

expressing yourself with a bit of professionalism and decorum goes a lot farther than coming across as an angry blowhard.

- A South Boston Community Member

Back To The Future

If any bus line had the street width (at least from South Station East) that could go back to being a street car line, the City Point - Downtown is it.

Summer Street is wide enough, as is L Street and Broadway. A little creative thinking and planning could engender turnarounds at the Federal Reserve building and at the terminal on East Second now. Hell, Federal Street essentially has no parking now and very little traffic other than buses as it is, a switch track could be put there if run right.

My heart goes out (very little, but does go out just a little) to the former lax bros and sorority sisters as I watch them jam onto the 7 and then get to pay more than my mortgage for rent for living in Jimma and Toe Cheese's old firetrap on West Eighth Street.

why not a Silver Line branch?

Run it down Summer and L streets to Broadway, then left on Broadway to Farragut.

(The last attempt at this turned left on East First Street, which isn't where the people live in Southie.)

East 1st st

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People now live there, an express from the E. 1st st bus terminal to South station would be amazing.


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And it's only a matter of time untill the warehouse district is razed and those boxy monstrosity low rise buildings are put in. In another 15 years there will be a new subneighborhood where the power plant used to be

As for the busses, much needed, but this is about 10 years too late.

the past

Well, last time the cry from southie was also "thou shall not touch my double parking!", so dedicated SL lanes were abandoned...

A new variant of SL3 would help

They tried the SL3 eons ago, but low ridership/complaints from the neighborhood killed that route in 2009; perhaps having a new SL3 variant would help out, sharing its route with its SL4 and SL5 siblings from Dudley and swinging onto Summer Street.

In addition to another post, someone mentioned a truncated Route 9 serving only City Point and Broadway; perhaps something like an SL9 would be a start.

Also, if the Silver Line is not feasible, adding buses to run rush hours only to Back Bay Station would also be a huge help in bringing down the severe congestion in the area.

Great news

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Now if they could help the bus drivers by towing illegally parked cars in the bus stops in South Boston.

Illegally parked cars at bus stops

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If you observe cars parked at the bus stops, call the police. I frequently get the #9 on West Broadway at the wailing wall or at F Street. I haven't seen cars illegally parked at these stops.


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Of the times a bus doesn't pull into a bus stop, I'd guess only 20% or less of the time, it's because a car is parked there. The other 80%, the driver is just too lazy to pull over to let a few people out, or (s)he just doesn't want to have to merge back into traffic.

More hours too

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I work until 7PM weekdays and the 7:15 and 7:30 #7 buses are still packed with riders - people are working longer hours or different shifts or coming from the gym more capacity is needed beyond 7PM - and reliable service. The 7:15 is a no show on average once a week and then the 7:30 bus is so full that people at South Station stop are denied boarding.

A local 9 bus would be nice

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A local 9 bus or similar would be nice too. One that only runs between City Point and Broadway T Station. Traffic on I-93 SB messes up Herald Street in a bad way and really gets the buses coming from Copley off schedule. I know many Southie residents need and want to get between Southie to Back Bay but others just need a connection from the Red Line toward City Point.

More buses aren't necessary.

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More buses aren't necessary. Most people can walk from Broadway. People are too lazy. They get on get on and get off 2 stops. There are bigger problems. I take the bus all the time If there is no room I walk. Simple! Too many entitled people out there

So what about

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people with disabilities and the elderly? You want them to walk from Broadway, especially in the winter?

It's funny. People complain

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It's funny. People complain that they need to double park on Broadway because there's no place to park. Yet everytime I go there, I see cars double parked two spaces away from an open space or sometimes double parked next to an open space. My conclusion: drivers in SoBo are simply lazy.

"Lazy" as in someone who's

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"Lazy" as in someone who's too "lazy" to actually spell out South Boston?
You know what you can do with your "conclusions".